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The Real Key To Losing Weight That Doesn’t Involve Exercise and Diet3

I was able to meet clients who can really afford to pay for a personal trainer, some of them even have a personal chef in their homes to customize their meals bespoke for weight loss but despite having all these resources at their convenience they still end up ruining everything all because of emotional eating.


If you happen to feel this way for years then my suggestion is for you to concentrate on your emotions and your feelings first before you set up new goals for yourself. Because if you don’t address your feelings you will only end up disappointed and frustrated with yourself. Don’t focus on your diet or your exercise plan, concentrate on your feelings.

If you don’t know what these are this blog post will help you. In this article, you will find the common emotions that tend to disrupt your health goals and ambitions. I’ve also included strategies so you can counter how these emotions can affect your habits.


When you’re happy you develop this mindset that you’re on [...]

Excercise and Diet

Outdoor Exercise Tips During Colder Months

I love to exercise, always have and always will. If you ask me, I can still manage to squeeze in workouts despite my hectic schedule. But my predilection for working out can be a tad demanding because I get bored exercising indoors. I’ve tried doing Pilates and yoga at home but almost always I get tempted to just grab a pillow and sleep on my mat. It’s that boring.


But being an outdoor person has its drawbacks. While those who prefer to workout indoors have no problems whatsoever during the colder months, people like me do have a major problem. It’s hard to make it out if it’s freezing outside. Lucky for those who prefer to stay indoors they will never be affected by the erratic weather most especially during the colder months. But for someone like me who prefers to run outside than pound on my bedroom’s treadmill, it has always been a struggle to keep myself safe whenever the temperature starts to plummet.


I don’t know but there’s just something about the outdoors that fascinates me. [...]

Safety Tips

Outdoor Exercise Tips During Colder Months2

There is virtually nothing wrong if you want to exercise outdoors whether it’s sunny, snowing or raining but just make sure that you take the necessary precautions while you’re out because you don’t want to end up getting sick when all you really want to do is to get fit. To ensure that you are safe this winter here are several tips that may come in handy, tips that came from running coach Jenny Hadfield about safe running during the colder months.

Dress appropriately.

Obviously, if you are planning to run outside when it’s cold your instincts will tell you to cover up with every piece of workout clothing you have in your closet. However, before you bundle up with layers of exercise clothes consider carefully your outfit choice. Your aim should be to dress for temperatures within fifteen to twenty degrees warmer than the weather outside this is to account for your body heat. Running coach Hadfield says that you have to feel chilled once you step outside. If you feel hot you should go back in [...]

Outdoor Excercise

Fast Circuit Moves To Get Your Body Toned In No Timet

Losing weight and getting toned are two different things that require different sets of exercises. But albeit the differences, both share one thing in common, you really have to spend some time on it if you want to see results. It also has to be consistent and not a once a month thing or a once in every three months thing because if that were the case then you might as well brace yourself for frustration if you have goals and aims you intend to reach.


But the reality is, we don’t have that much free time at all. If you’re a corporate worker you’d probably be out in the office right on time for dinner and that computation doesn’t even include late night city traffic yet. If you’re a mom raising kids even if you are just at home visiting the gym can be close to impossible if you have chores you need to attend to. But the gym isn’t the only haven where you can get your body toned contrary [...]

Mind and Body

Emotional State - Secret To A Successful Weight Management

Virtually everyone I know is convinced that the only surefire ways to lose weight are to cut back on calories and slave away at the gym. While a lot of people have indeed shed some weight by following these two time-tested pieces of advice, these aren’t the only ways. A lot of people who I happened to cross paths with always say they just need to work out more but despite spending a considerable amount of time at the gym, they still looked the same and they probably even weighed more than they did before they enrolled.


The truth of the matter is, it really isn’t that simple. According to a new survey, the real secret to a successful weight management is your emotional state. The survey, which was commissioned by healthcare network Orlando Health, discovered that around ninety percent of respondents ignored the most important factor involved in weight loss and that is the psychological relationship between exercise and food. Sixty percent of the participants in the study said that exercise and diet [...]

Emotions and Health